Wednesday, 1 December 2010


This week has been a dream. No university due to the snow and have basically been snowed in!
So what i've done the whole week is crafty things - and loved every minute! Today I got up quite early and made a list of what i had to do..

By eye mask I mean that on Red Velvet Art there is a picture of two hand-made looking eye-masks that you would wear when you were sleeping and felt that this would be a great thing to make for me and for christmas presents! Cannot believe how amazing crafts are.. things like the masks for example. I was going to buy one in topshop for about £6, and have now made a lovely one with big exaggerated eye lashes! It is just brilliant. 
They aren't completely finished yet because I needed some elastic to finish them off. I did something silly with the elastic tho. I asked Cam to pick me up 2metres of elastic and I meant to say 1cm thick. But for some reason i said 5 cm it is rather large! so will have to cut it and hope that it doesn't fray! 

I hope people are reading my blog, I want to really hit it off in the blogging world! 


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