Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Crafty Rooms

Last night I stayed up till 3.30am staring at the screen with disbelief at the different craft rooms that all these crafty people have. I also found it amazing that there are so many bloggers out there, with all their own fresh ideas and ways of expressing themselves. I loved it! Such an amazing experience to be involved in.

Anyway.. back to the craft room. Currently, I have a dining room table. No Joke. In my mums kitchen, but the sewing machine needs to be moved every day, and everything put away. Ideally I would love ribbons all in reels displayed where i can see them, labelled tubs and boxes and jars of buttons, a table for my sewing machine with a big light above it. And i would love loads of haberdashery. I feel thats my problem at the moment..I don't have enough stuff to decorate things!

here is some of the rooms that I would love to re-create.

And so many more!! I found these images on google images but most of them linked to peoples blogs, so if it is yours, then I love it! 
And of course, I love pink suede shoe's craft closet and her tape and ribbon display! 


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