Sunday, 5 December 2010


I am looking forward to this particular sunday today to get some more crafts done. I work at the local chinese restaurant answering the phones - to make some extra money for crafts- and last night was the most difficult shift I have <b>EVER</b> done. Must be an uproar in chinese towards christmas!
Anywho, So today my plan was to make some more christmas decorations and even wrap some of the ones i've made already. How exciting! I like wrapping the presents because then the names can be ticked off and they are complete.
Also, mum has asked me to make a wine holder out of felt. Hm. sounds a bit of a challenge but I think I am up to it!

Well keep everyone up to date on today's craft adventures. (Unfortunately only till 5 oclock, then I have to go to work! :()

Seeeeee ya


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